Why a Green Cleaner?

Mother B strives to not only provide an eco-friendly cleaning company in the Chicago area and great cleaning service, but to improve our client’s quality of life by creating more free time and making more ecologically conscious choices available and convenient to a hectic lifestyle. In addition, funds from every cleaning go directly to causes that help our planet. It’s the service our founder wanted when she was a busy professional and now it’s available to you.


Green Products

Not only are all our products ‘Green Certified’ by the EPA they are also rated ‘A’ or ‘B’ by the Environmental Working Group’s strict standards, accounting for possible allergy triggers.


Green Practices

We continually strive to improve but here are just some of the things we do now:

  • Recycled materials in printed ads

  • Natural fiber cleaning cloths

  • Plant fiber sponges


Green Ethics

Being ‘Green’ at the most basic level is honoring our connection to one another and the planet. Cleaning homes at a high standard is hard work, which is why we at Mother B pay our valued employees a wage that allows for dignity.